Dear Diary #3

I hope one day I can sit back in my bougie mansion & just laugh. Laugh at all the hurt that everyone has caused for me since I was little girl. Mentally & emotionally abusive family members that never showed me any love. Assholes from school that made my life a living hell, who still shun me to this day for some unknown reason when we are 24 years old, not 5. Fake friends that weren’t there for me when I needed a friend the most. Oh, how could I forget heartbreak, & all the fairytales I must have created in my mind that turned out to be nothing but make believe & lies. One things for sure, I’m NEVER going to let go of my dreams no matter how delusional they may sound. That’s all I have left, really. I know I’m meant to do something big, bigger than all of this. I have to believe that. Maybe, that’s why I’ve been put through so much pain. If you’re suffering keep holding on, you’ll win in the end. You’ll shine.