Britney’s New Video “Make Me”

Make Me 8

The “undisputed princess of pop”, Britney Spears has finally dropped her new single “Make Me” over this past July. Brit Brit’s song of the summer drove her die hard fans, also known as the Britney Army, “crazy” to say the least. However, the video for the hit song didn’t come out until nearly a month later, on August 5th, leaving her supportive fans with nothing but anticipation for her next move.

When the “Make Me” video finally debuted, the Britney Army was torn. Some fans enjoyed the music video, while most were fairly disappointed in hopes of a “Toxic” #2 to begin the new Britney era.

Make Me 6Snippets of the original video have been leaked all over the internet since the song was first released, but at the last minute Spears and her team decided to re-shoot the entire video (reasons as to why are still unclear at this point), with drastic changes to the original’s concept. The second version seems to be entirely toned down, while still a little sexy and flirty, showcasing a happy-go-lucky Spears just having fun with her girls. There also was a few ads throw into the mix such as EOS lip balms, but hey, it’s all about promotion these days right?

Anyways, in other words, “Make Me” #2 is sort of a reminiscent of Spears’ “Overprotected (Darkchild Remix)”, minus the fabulous dance break and all the greatness about the early 2000’s.

Make Me 2

While the original “Make Me” was much more risque, without giving too much away and I quote involved a cheetah, nudity, sweaty male dancers, Britney having sex with G-Eazy, and well, more nudity. Make Me 5Which is EXACTLY what the Britney Army has been craving, and why many are unfortunately unimpressed.

As for my thoughts on the video “Make Me”, I would first like to make it clear that no matter what Britney does I will support it. I will always buy her music even if it’s shitty and I will stan Miss Spears until the day that I die (if you couldn’t already tell). Also, I think that Britney needs to do whatever makes HER happy. Even if that means creating music and content that few will like or moving back to Louisiana, finding a guy, and having more babies. Lastly and most importantly, she DOES NOT deserve any hate or negativity thrown her way, especially from fans. With that being said, I thought that “Make Me” #2 was upbeat and carefree. Not to mention she looked absolutely gorgeous, she looks younger than me and I’m only 23. However in all honesty, I still would have preferred the original. Maybe there is a part two to “Make Me”, it did end off on a cliffhanger. Hopefully she will give the fans what they want, but ultimately at the end of the day it is up to her.

Make Me 9

Britney’s latest album Glory will be out later this month, on August 26th and is now available for pre-order. What I hope to hear on her next album is more of the real Britney, and for her voice to be shown in the best light possible. Overall, Britney is an icon and I can’t wait to see what is ahead for the queen of all queens.


-Kelly A.


June 2016 Monthly Favorites & One Year Anniversary


Hi babydolls! I decided to share with you some of my favorites from June, since I haven’t done one of these in a while. Also, some exciting news, today is the one year anniversary of my blog! I can’t believe how fast time flies, and I would just like to say THANK YOU to everyone that has supported me. Let’s make the next year even better!

1.) L’Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System Smooth Shampoo

Loreal Shampoo

2.) “Peach Bellini” Bath & Body Works Body Lotion Peach Bellini Lotion

3.) Tazo “Zen” Green Tea K-Cups


4. Pretty in Pink on DVD

Pretty in Pink

5. Britney Spears’ Everytime

everytime tumblur


-Kelly A.

Where have I been?! (Update)


Hey sweeties, long time and no posts! I have been SUPER busy with school, finishing up my junior year of college and have not had much time to blog. However, I have a lot things that I would like to share. Stay tuned, mwah!


-Kelly A.

Book Review: Holly Madison’s Tell All

HM Review Pink

At the end of this past summer I decided to read Holly Madison’s new “tell all” book Down the Rabbit Hole. However, school got in the way and I didn’t have as much free time to finish reading it, but that is not to say that this book was not a page turner. I finally finished Madison’s book over winter break, and I found it to be very honest compared to other books written by celebrities, they usually come off very sugar coated if you ask me.

In case you have never heard of Holly Madison, she is a former Playboy Bunny and reality star. She is most known for being Hugh Hefner’s “main girlfriend” on E!’s hit show, The Girls Next Door.  After parting ways with Playboy, she later starred in her very own reality show called Holly’s World, which first aired in 2010 on the same network as GND.

In Down the Rabbit Hole, Holly mentions her dreams of becoming an actress and being heavily inspired by Marilyn Monroe movies at a young age. After experiencing some college, she still had those same desires as she did growing up to be a star, but somehow found herself living in the Playboy Mansion. I won’t give anything away, but she said the thing that attracted her to the mansion was the glamorous life that it entailed, or so it seemed. In Madison’s number one seller, she doesn’t leave anything out about her not so pleasent experience with Playboy and the harsh mistreatment from Hefner.

What I liked most about Holly’s book was that it seemed very truthful and raw, there was a lot she could have kept to herself. Also, (myself included) I think many young women are attracted to the Hollywood lifestyle and will do whatever it takes just to get a little taste of that world. I think it was good that she talked about the dark side of her personal experience when living in the mansion, to show that it’s not all “rainbows and sunshine”. Even though, she can come off at times very “woe is me”, I liked her message about finding the strength to get out of a negative situation. Overall, I really did enjoy Down the Rabbit Hole. I definitely would recommend giving it a read if you like celebrity biographies, and are intrigued by the land of Hollywood or the entertainment industry like I am. I have a lot of respect for Holly, and it is nice to see how happy she is with her life now, as a wife and mother!


-Kelly A.