10 Random Facts About Me

Kelly 10 Facts

Since this is my 10th official blog post, I wanted to share some facts about myself so all of you can get to know me better.

1.) I am an only child, it’s a blessing and a curse lol.

2.) I have a 9 year old (almost 10) black lab mix, named Jake. He is seriously my best friend in the entire world, and if you follow me on any of my social media pages you probably already know what a crazy dog lady I am.

3.) My favorite color has always purple or lavender, but I really have been loving pink lately. Like “Barbie” pink and a soft light pink to be more specific, maybe because of all the cute Valentine’s Day decorations I have been seeing at Tarjay (Side Note: I actually hate Valentine’s Day to be honest).

4.) My middle name is Ann (hence Kelly A.), and all my crazy family members on my mother’s side call me Kelly Ann. They insist that it’s my first full name. They’re very dysfunctional people, infact my entire family is.

5.) Which brings me to my next “fun fact”, I am American, but my nationality is Italian, Sicilian (which is the same thing), German, and Irish.

6.) If you couldn’t already tell, I am obsessed with Britney Spears. My very first CD was her Oops!… I Did It Again album, that my uncle John bought me for Christmas when I was 7 years old. I always had this “soul sister” or “spirit animal” connection to her since I was a little girl. Her personality is very relatable to me. Not that I will ever be a Pop Princess like her, but when she gets on stage she transforms into this powerful divia that slays the dance floor (like an alter ego), but in real life she is supposedly kinda shy and you can totally tell (especially in interviews or old MTV specials) that she is a goofball. Then when she had that rough patch in 2007, anyone who’s ever been through something difficult or suffers from a mental illness could completely empathize with her and now she’s doing so much better (it just shows how strong she really is). Overall, I just adore Britney Spears (this should have been a whole other post haha).

7.) I am addicted to YouTube, I watch it all the time! My favs are Shane Dawson and Trisha Paytas, I like them better than people I know in real life. They are hilarious!

8.) I am 22, but I will be 23 years old on February 8th.

9.) My major in college is currently entertainment management, but before that I originally wanted to be a professional makeup artist (I hate touching people, so it didn’t really work out).

10.) I am a free spirit and I am very much my own person. I love being creative, whether it’s with makeup and fashion, or singing a song and making people laugh. I definitely have that type of a mind set, and I see the world from a different angle than most.

*Bonus 11.) My favorite show is Friends (I have the biggest crush on Chandler Bing, so embarrassing I know), and I love the movies Legally Blonde and Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (I just had to throw those in there).

I hope this was somewhat interesting, and I tag all of you to do it too! Mwah<3


-Kelly A.


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