Five Things That You Always Need to Have in Your School Bag

School Bag

1.) Fun colored pens to make taking note more exciting and less of a pain in the ass

2.) A planner to stay organized and to always be one step ahead of the game

3.) A funky makeup bag with:

  • A compact mirror
  • Gloss or lip balm (I love Eos Balms and Baby Lips)
  • Hand lotion
  • Band-aids (I prefer Hello Kitty or the Disney Princess ones because I am a 5 year old child)
  • A hair tie

4.) Gum or breath mints because no one likes the bitch with bad breath

5.) Body spray to stay fresh after gym class or to double as Febreze incase someone sits in front of you that stanks

Going back to school totally sucks but we all have to get through it and work our asses off to make it in the real world. I hope some of my top favorite school bag essentials make your experience a little bit more tolerable.


-Kelly A.


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